Buffalo & Western New York Vets Who Served in the
United States Army Air Forces
and United States Army Air Corps

For the United States Army Air Service
and prior Army aviation organizations, see the USAAS page.

Barmasse, Edmund E.
Depew, NY
Lt. B-17 Pilot 834BS 486BG VIIIAF ETO WWII

Bastian, Edward J., Jr.
Bowmansville/Lancaster, NY
Sgt. B-24 Waist Gunner 746BS 456BG VIIIAF ETO WWII KIA
'Find a Grave' Memorial

Brawn, Philip W.
Buffalo, NY
1Lt. B-24 Bombardier 321BS 90BG VAF PTO WWII MIA
'Find a Grave' Memorial

Brown, Frederick H.
Lancaster, NY
SSgt. B-17 Ball Turret Gunner 548BS 385BG VIIIAF ETO WWII MIA
'Find a Grave' Memorial

Bukowski, Casimer L.
Buffalo, NY & Lancaster, NY
SSgt. B-17 Waist Gunner 532BS 381BG VIIIAF ETO WWII WIA POW

Chmielowski, Henrica R.
(Henrica Chmielowski Kiernan)
Sloan, NY
Cpl. Aircraft Warning/Mission Plotter WAC VIIIAF ETO WWII

Creed, James A.
Lancaster, NY
AvCadet BT-13 Pilot 9BFTG 27FTW Cochran AAF WWII KIFA

DeMan, Oscar A.
Depew, NY
Sgt. B-17 Ball Turret Gunner 832BS 486BG VIIIAF ETO WWII POW

Erb, Henry K.
Lancaster, NY
1Lt. B-26 Pilot 554BS 386BG IXAF ETO WWII

Fink, Philip J.
Lancaster, NY
Sgt. B-17 Radio Op/Gunner 544BS 384BG VIIIAF ETO WWII EV

Hacic, Charles W.
Woodlawn Beach, NY
TSgt. B-17 Engineer/Gunner 728BS 452BG VIIIAF ETO WWII POW

Kaczmarek, Edward H.
Buffalo, NY
Depew, NY
TSgt. B-24 Radio Op 726BS 451BG XVAF MTO WWII

Kolek, Edward M.
Getzville, NY
Lockport, NY
LtCol. B-24 Pilot 717BS 449BG XVAF MTO WWII
Distinguished Flying Cross

Krieger, Andrew E., Jr.
Salamanca, NY
Col. P-35/P-40/P-47 Pilot 3PS 4CG/24PG PTO 360FS 356FG VIIIAF ETO WWII
'Find a Grave' Memorial

Larson, Burling
Buffalo, NY
SSgt. B-17 Ball Turret Gunner 532BS 381BG VIIIAF ETO WWII KIA
'Find a Grave' Memorial
Crewmate of Casimer Bukowski

Laskowski, Chester A.
Niagara Falls, NY
SSgt. B-17 Bombardier/Togglier 325BS 92BG VIIIAF ETO WWII

Lensing, Lawrence M.
Buffalo, NY
2Lt. B-24 Navigator 868BS PTO WWII MIA

Mox, Thomas W., Jr.
Depew, NY
2Lt. B-24 Navigator 744BS 456BG XVAF MTO WWII KIA/KIFA

Reger, Roy W.
Buffalo, NY
1Lt. B-29 Pilot 44BS 40BG PTO WWII

Robb, John L. 'Buddy'
Buffalo, NY
2Lt. B-24 Bombardier 38BS 30BG VIIAF PTO WWII MIA

Schoellkopf, Jacob F.
Buffalo, NY
Maj. P-40 Pilot 85FS 79FG MTO WWII

Schumer, Edward A.
Hamburg, NY
2Lt. B-26 Co-Pilot 443BS 320BG MTO WWII KIA

Smith, Arthur E.
Buffalo, NY
Maj. B-26 Pilot 456BS 323BG IXAF ETO WWII

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