Aviation Cadet
James Arthur 'Jimmie' Creed

Lancaster, NY

BT-13 Valiant

9th Basic Flying Training Group
27th Flying Training Wing
Cochran Army Air Field, Georgia

James Creed was born in Eden, NY on June 13th, 1921, but by the time he joined the New York
National Guard on September 16th, 1941, his family was living in Lancaster, NY. James served
with Fox Company of the 65th Infantry Regiment until March of 1942, at which time he enlisted
voluntarily in the US Army and was accepted as an aviation cadet. Although it's not currently
known where he went through primary flying training, James was sent to Cochran Field near
Macon, GA for basic flying training. On January 4th, 1943 James was flying BT-13A serial
#41-21559 when he crashed about 1/2 mile southeast of Harris Field, an auxiliary strip for
Cochran Field. James was killed in the crash, though I have yet to discover the exact cause.

Original Image Source

Shown here are three Vultee BT-13 Valiant basic trainers from Cochran Field,
the same type of aircraft that James Creed was flying when he was killed.

Original Image: Wikimedia Commons

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