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Heroes Return to Buffalo

The 13th Regiment marching in the streets of Buffalo upon its return from Cuba in September of 1898.

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A closer look...

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Building a Sand(stone) Castle

The Connecticut St. Armory in the latter stages of its construction during the winter of 1898-99.

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Who Doesn't Love a Parade?

This photo was taken during a parade in Buffalo, New York, most likely early on
during the Second World War. You can see more photos of this parade HERE...

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Band From Buffalo

The band of the 74th Infantry Regiment, New York Guard in 1945, during training at
Camp Smith, located about 30 miles north of New York City in Cortland, NY.

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Birds of Buffalo

Western New York has a rich aviation and aerospace history, reaching back to the time of
the Great War. I've got a blog about it... take a looksee by clicking the image below.

Of the military aircraft built in the Buffalo and Western New York area during the
Second World War, the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk is arguably the most well-known. I've got
another website that's devoted to the P-40... take a looksee, if you're inclined...

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Another aircraft built locally by Curtiss was the C-46 Commando...

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I have no information about this photo except that it shows a fella with the
136th Fighter Squadron emblem on his jacket during the 1950s, possibly in Korea.
The 136th was and still is an Air National Guard outfit based in Niagara Falls.

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May of 1969. An F-100C Super Sabre of the 136th Tactical Fighter Squadron lands at Niagara Falls
upon the outift's return from an almost one-year deployment to Tuy Hoa Air Base in South Vietnam.

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Original Image From: Buffalo Courier Express October 10th, 1949 via Fulton History

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